The Mite-mare before Christmas…

And now from our friends down under… Infestation, Southern Hemisphere style.

a long way from Lyddington

Wouldn’t it be great to have a super power? Recently we’ve been watching the UK series Mis-Fits. It is a great series, in which a group of delinquent teens develop a range of bizarre super-powers after being caught in a ferocious storm. Yes, a far-fetched premise, but the show is witty and fun. Now I seem to have developed a strange new ability after an unfortunate brush with nature. But while the trendy teens in Mis-Fits have exciting powers like mind-reading and invisibility, I have a much more mundane ability. I have developed mitey-sense – the ability to tell when large numbers of mites are near through the stingling¹ of my skin. I discovered my mitey sense today, as I walked beneath a  verandah in a local pigeon-infested mall. I suddenly felt a burning tingle on the skin of my face. Looking up I spotted a bird’s nest, just above…

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